Beneficial service provider for Enterpreneur in Canada. | 

Beneficial service provider for Enterpreneur in Canada.

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The Angel Investment Network platform helps entrepreneurs with great business ideas find the funding and guidance they need to grow their businesses and succeed. The biggest problem a budding entrepreneur faces is finding the right source of investment for their business; it is often not simply a question of the money but also where the money comes from. AIN connects entrepreneurs with a global network of nearly 100,000 investors so that they can find an investor with the right credentials and industry experience to grow their business.

Entrepreneurs register and submit a business proposal using a simple proposal template. Once they have created their proposal it is listed on the site for investors to analyse. There is a free novice package available to trial the service, but the paid Pro packages grant access to more features, greater exposure and ultimately a far higher success rate.

"In the new economy Angel Investment Network makes "room at the inn" for start-ups/innovators unavailable in Wall St. & The City. AIN prepped us for an effective, short, sharp investment summary that led to global enquiries from Jo’burg, Vancouver, Mumbai, Middle East and Europe in ten days! First close – one month."

David Bonner @ Thor Power Corporation

"I have used Angel Investment Network on 3 occasions now and have been amazed at the response I have received from investors willing to fund my projects. Within 72 hours of posting my projects (which takes about 20 minutes) I have received over 10 approaches from investors on each occasion and have had offers of funding on all 3 of my projects. This is honestly one of the best value services I have ever used business and takes all the pain out of searching for investment."

Mike Giles @ Meet The Giants

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