How do you get rid of a hickey, The best ways to heal them instantly | 

How do you get rid of a hickey, The best ways to heal them instantly

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How do you get rid of a hickey”- The best ways to heal them instantly

Hickeys appear on the skin due to the sucking of the epidermis in the process of love making. These marks are not welcomed by all and so if you have developed them on the skin you must take steps for getting rid of them. In this discussion we would talk about the hickeys, their importance and the ways to make their appearance lighter.

What are hickeys and their vitality?

Yes, these marks are also vital. These are seen on the skin in form of the red patches that appears on the face, neck and other areas of the lovers. These are important because they are the reflection of the true love and are often looked on by confidence by a partner or other partner’s body.

It has been noticed that if a guy develops them on the neck they pull up their color in a weird way to hide the hickey on the neck. Women can cover the hickeys on the neck by using the scarfs, dupattas and others. But imagine that you have developed them on the cheeks. It would be difficult to conceal them in this area.

How do you get rid of a hickey on cheeks?

It might seem a tedious task to hide them on the cheeks. But, you can do so by using the make-up. But you can avoid getting them at the first instance. The second step calls for avoiding too long sucking of an area on the body.

When must temporary solution be looked into?

Usually it takes about two to three weeks for completely recovering the area from the hickey. However if you want to reduce the appearance of these bruises then you can take the treatments that can help in the fast relief of the hickeys. Some of the ways is by using a scarf, powder and other make-up methods.

Reducing the marks through home remedies:

Home remedies are important for reducing the hickeys in the best ways. Some of the remedies that could be taken are:

1. Cold pressing of the area- This process breaks the clots of bloods little by little.

2. Dabbing the area with the hot water after the initial pressing- This process involves heating the area. It leads to expansion of the capillaries and facilitates the removal of the clotted blood.

So, with the above ways you can get rid of the hickeys.  How do you get rid of a hickey is a question which would get solved by the above mentioned steps.

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